1:32 Learjet 35

C-21A / U-36A

Coming Soon


Our upcoming kit "Learjet 35 C-21A / U-36A"​ in 1:32 scale.

The listing price of the kit is 230 USD + 38 USD shipping. The kit will be offered with 

20% discount at 184 USD + shipping during the 30 day customary preorder period, which will be followed by a production period of a few months before deliveries start.

This one too is a 500 limited edition and reservations are now open. Modelers can make a reservation for the number of kits they wish to buy, with no payments required at this stage. 


Reservation holders will be invited to complete their purchases when the preorder period starts.

Making a reservation is recommended as our experience with the Viggen proved. This secures your copies even before the preorders, meaning your reservation is valid until the preorder period ends, even when all other copies are sold out.

Please send an email to contact@jetmads.com or use the message box for placing your reservation, including the number of kits you are planning to purchase.

1:32 X-3 "STILETTO"

Later in 2022

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