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On this page can be found some information related to FAQ and our company policies including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Return Policy.


Who are JETMADS and how do you operate?

JETMADS is a subsidiary of a large group of companies owned by an aviation and modeling enthusiast, and employs designers and craftsmen who are ultimately passionate about aviation and modeling. Our brand has been founded with the aim of designing and producing accurate kits of aircraft that do not exist in our preferred scales we ourselves too wish to build.

Here at JETMADS we are truly obsessed about aviation, modeling and the accuracy of our designs, which we proudly and with pleasure enjoy sharing with such modelers worldwide.

What is the number of  kits produced for each release?

JETMADS poduces resin aircraft models as limited edition kits. Production currently planned is 500 kits per release, aimed for advanced modelers and collectors worldwide.  

Are your products available anytime?

Our kits are produced on a project basis. We decide on the kit we wish to design and produce, share it with our community and modelers interested in that certain project join in. Production of 500 kits begin and it takes around

4-5 months under normal conditiions for the shipments to start.

Our kits are generally sold out during the preorders period but if they are not, remaining kits continue to be sold at its listing price until the 500th kit goes. Therefore our kits may not be available at all times as they are mostly already preordered when a project is announced.

Is it possible to place orders after sell-out?

All JETMADS kits are planned as limited editions. Once sold-out, JETMADS does not accept orders for the sold-out kit as the production line will be busy with the following release.

Is US Dollar the only valid currency for shopping in your store?

All products in our store are priced in US Dollars.

Do you replace defected parts and  supply spare or missing parts?

JETMADS follows a thorough quality control procedure to make sure that boxing is performed without any missing parts or defected items. Therefore defected or missing parts would be a rarity but if your copy includes any, please contact us with definitive photos. 

Please be noted that warping of some parts due to the nature of cast resin may occur seldomly.

Modelers facing such a situation are recommended to blow warm air on the part with a hair dryer, bringing back the part to its original shape and holding so until it cools down.

If warped parts do not regain their original shapes, please do not hesitate to contact us together with photos of the parts for immediate replacement, completely free of charge including postage.


All orders are shipped via International Registered Mail with tracking, of which customers are notified right after shipment.

Most orders are expected to reach the majority of the world within 20-25 days.

Please contact us if you prefer faster shipping methods, though they may cost considerably higher.

Privacy Policy                

- All personal information provided by the project participants are kept confidential and not shared with any other party for any reason under any circumstances.
- Credit card information of the project participants are not stored or processed by JETMADS, whereas all transactions are encrypted and secured by the relevant payment gateway.

Return Policy                

JETMADS accepts no returns and all sales are final.

Terms & Conditions   

- All JETMADS models are produced as limited editions of 500 copies per release.
- All orders are processed and shipped in their order of arrival, with "First come-first served" principle.
- Modelers participating in a certain project accept and acknowledge that production of the kits requires a lengthy process and may require several weeks to complete.
- The participants acknowledge and agree that the design accuracy of a project and proper production of its parts is the prime priority and objective of JETMADS. Project schedules can be revised if necessary by JETMADS until desired design and production quality is considered to be achieved and found satisfactory.
-  JETMADS sends monthly project updates to project participants regarding information about the status and progress throughout a project.
- JETMADS pledges to complete the production run of a kit within the shortest time. However and aside from JETMADS's targeted self-contentment on the work produced, unexpected events such as pandemic, global military conflicts, natural disasters, economical fluctiations with impact on daily life or materials availability may affect the progress and delivery schedule of the products.
- Due to the nature of limited edition production and that kits are produced for modelers enlisted in a certain project, no cancellations after any order is placed are accepted. 
- JETMADS pledges to make full-refunds in case a project is officially announced to be cancelled by JETMADS. 
- JETMADS aircraft resin model kits are designed and manufactured for experienced modelers. Kits contain very small and tiny parts which must be handled and treated delicately.
- All orders are shipped with International Registered Mail and a tracking number.
- Any customs and import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. 
- JETMADS accepts no liability for untracked or lost mail. Returned mails due to the lack of attention or any incorrect information of the receiver can only be sent with extra shipping cost.


Privacy Policy
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