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On this page you may find some information related to FAQ and our company policies including Terms & Conditions, Shipping and Return Policy.



 What is the number of  kits produced for each release?

JETMADS releases resin aircraft models as limited edition kits. Production currently planned is 500 kits per release, aimed for advanced modelers and collectors worldwide.  

Is it possible to place orders after sell-out?

All JETMADS kits are planned as limited editions. Once sold-out, JETMADS will not accept orders for the sold-out kit as the production line will be busy with the following release.

Is US Dollar the only valid currency for shopping in your store?

All products in our store are priced in US Dollars. However, payments for orders from Eurozone can be made in Euros , from UK in British Pounds or from Japan in Japanese Yen as well.  Orders from these countries will be assumed to be using their currencies respectively and treated as such in informative emails following checkout. Current exhange rates at the day of order will be used for currency conversions.

All orders from other countries except those mentioned above are accepted only in US Dollars.

Do you replace defected parts and  supply spare or missing parts?

JETMADS follows a thorough quality control procedure to make sure that boxing is performed without any missing parts or defected items. Therefore defected or missing parts would be a real rarity but if your copy includes any, please contact us with definitive photos. 

Please be noted that warping of some parts due to the nature of cast resin may occur seldomly.

Customers facing such a situation are recommended to place such parts in boiling water for about a minute.

If warped parts do not regain their original shapes, please do not hesitate to contact us together with photos of the parts for immediate replacement, completely free of charge including postage.


All orders are shipped via International Registered Mail with tracking, of which customers are notified right after shipment.

Most orders are expected to reach the majority of the world within 20-25 days.

Please contact us if you prefer faster shipping methods, though they may cost considerably higher.

Return Policy                

JETMADS accepts no returns and all sales are final.

Terms & Conditions   

  • All 3D design works, their related visuals and aircraft kits displayed on this website are the intellectual properties of JETMADS and their copyrights reserved.

  • JETMADS aircraft resin model kits are designed and manufactured for experienced modelers. Kits contain very small and tiny parts which must be handled and treated delicately.

  • All orders are shipped with International Registered Mail and a tracking number.

  • Any customs and import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • JETMADS accepts no liability for untracked or lost mail. 


Return Policy
Terms & Conditions
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